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The Municipal Training Centre has a unique identity, being at the same time a training centre, a research institution, a consulting agency and a platform/hub of international academic exchange in local government and community development issues. With the strategical and visionary programs with public managers, we have a good understanding of the culture and context of public administration, locally, national and even international. A huge number of trainees from public institutions and local communities raised awareness and gained experience at MTC’s developed training programs. MTC has led numerous consultations, trouble shooting seminars, workshops, discussions and conferences on “hot” Public Administration topics for public officials and decision-makers. MTC experts assist in development and implementation of strategic documents in different fields at local, regional and central authorities.

Having gained a huge experience the Centre provides now the best global practices and know-how, outlines the possibilities of cross-sectoral, inter-institutional cooperation and latest developments in the field of public policy and public administration for local and foreign civil servants and decision-makers while initiating and implementing international projects.

During more than 20 years, MTC has conducted study visits and internships for professional development of civil servants from Europe and Central Asia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Macedonia, Norway, Tajikistan and Russian Federation). MTC has executed numerous the EU funded and the U.S. funded projects, and have developed international networks with different type of institutions. In these projects MTC has managed huge consortiums and networks on national and international level.

MTC delivers the management, know-how and resources to develop and execute local and international activities, and is in a position now to offer valuable expertise in different fields of public policy and public administration, both locally and abroad.

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Send Us An Email

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