Civic Engagement Fairs were organised in all partner countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, and UK. The main purpose of the Fair was to create a possibility for citizens to learn about different local volunteer initiatives and to invite fair participants to join them as volunteers, to create an event at which existing organisations using volunteers are able to advertise and market what they do. 

That gave a possibility to introduce potential volunteers to volunteering organisations by providing them a platform and a space to introduce themselves: stands for organisations were they could invite participants to learn about each other (even among NGOs it was important!) and/or dialogues or presentations. Partners were free to choose the topics and methods regarding there local needs and capacities of their organisations. 

Citizens had a chance to learn about different local volunteering initiatives, join an organisation or voluntary initiative, to learn the benefits of volunteering for volunteer and the society. Moreover - it was an opportunity for organisations involving volunteers introduce to each other, share experience and practices, present their initiatives and build closer relationships for future joint voluntary activities.

Fair participants represented different segments of the society: volunteering managers, members of different NGOs, members of local communities, students, academicians, representatives of local public institutions and citizens targeting at those who are not engaged in the activities of NGOs.

  • 6 Civic Engagement Fairs were organised in project partner countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, and UK
  • More than 800 participants took part at the events sharing or gaining knowledge and understanding about volunteering, benefits of volunteering, problems and possible solutions
  • About 70 organisations participated at the events and presented their voluntary works and initiatives
  • About 160 participants expressed their willingness to volunteer in a certain organisation or initiative. These were newly recruited volunteers

In the countries, where volunteering is very low (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland), such type of event could be treated as innovative and best practice example, as they were organised for the first time here.

For more information about each event, please, see Fair descriptions of each partner:


Gal turite klausimų?

Gal turite klausimų?

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