International workshop was organised on 10-11/06/2015 by the partner organisation "Pathways: Inspirational Development C.I.C." in Bishop's Castle, a small rural town with a population of 1600 on the English-Welsh border in an area known as "The Welsh Marches". The topic of the workshop/trainings was "Volunteering: A Conduit for Social & Democratic Development by practitioners, with practitioners and for those who would be practitioners" emphasising volunteering management.

With the idea that sharing, analysing and planning experience is at the heart of the action the workshop programme contained a variety of experiences based on present voluntary action in the town and provided examples capable of development in other contexts. Managers of volunteers and volunteers-practitioners from each project partner country were trained during the workshop, also developed ideas, and that was a good start for planning local volunteering initiatives within their respective local communities.

Before attending the workshop all participants completed a questionnaire that was used to assist organisers in providing for particular needs and interests and in detailed planning of the event.

The focus of the workshop was volunteering management. Management of all types is a "process" with many aspects. The workshop focused on the elements of this process. The agenda was composed of three sessions with regular plenary and forum based reflections and assessments.

The agenda explored important aspects of volunteering including: causes, aims and purposes; recruitment, motivation and morale; evaluation of performance and outcomes; risk management; recognition; construction of support and partnership networks; development of sustainable processes through creative action.

The programme was experiential and inter-active with participants working together on issues through meetings and discussions with local practitioners. Participants maintained personal recordings and reflection. 

25 participants from 6 partner countries participated at the workshop/trainings and enhanced understanding of the basic principles of volunteer management and improved their skills. A series of practical proposals created by participants which were applied in their own locality later in this project. A guide book drafted during the workshop as a list of most important information, a record of the practical activities experienced and outline ways in which they will be applied in each partner context. 


CIVIC ENGAGEMENT FAIR (called Heritage & Volunteering Fair) was held on 12-13 September, 2015 in the Grade II* listed and recently renovated Town Hall at Bishop's Castle

Initiated and organised by V-CODE project partner - "Pathways: Inspirational Development C.I.C."

Up to 12 local heritage organisations showcased what they do and promoted the unique venues they care for. They illustrated the work of their existing volunteers and publicised new opportunities and projects. The organisations were encouraged to add interactive elements to their displays - such as objects to handle, quiz sheets and trails to follow.

Opening Times: 

Saturday 12 September: 10:00-14:00

Sunday 13 September: 14:00-17:00 

On Sunday a Heritage Exhibition was added in the Council Chamber, featuring aspects of the Town Hall's 250 year history.

PHOTOS from the event >>

HERITAGE & VOLUNTEER FAIR at "Inspirational Pathways" >>>

POSTER of the event >>>  

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