3 schools in rural areas in Lubelskie Region in: Harasiuki, Huta Krzeszowska and Bukowa and Culture Centre in Bilgoraj, Kosciuszki 16 Str., Bilgoraj

The topic to popularise music of Polish composers among pupils was chosen because of a lack of knowledge about Polish modern composers among children from primary schools in rural areas. Pupils learn about musicians, but they have no chance to hear the classical music in the theatre because they live in little villages that are situated far away from big cities, where theatres and operas are located.

That is why the focus was on three schools in villages Bukowa, Harasiuki and Huta Krzeszowska of Lubelskie Region to organise a music initiative for pupils.

The initiative was divided into two parts:

  • workshops about Polish composers – pupils learned about lifes and creation works of 4 Polish modern composers: Witold Lutoslawski, Stefan Behr, Henryk Gorecki and Tadeusz Baird;
  • a concert organised near the place where pupils live – children had chance to hear classical/opera music alive.

Actions that were implemented during preparations:

  • preparations to workshops – preparation materials for pupils, meetings with headmasters of schools, technically arranging workshops, 
  • realisation of workshops in 3 schools – 173 pupils took part in it (Bukowa – 67 pupils, Harasiuki - 75 pupils, Huta Krzeszowska – 31 pupils; total – 173 pupils),
  • preparations to the concert – information and promotion, meeting with people from Culture Centre in Bilgoraj, technically arranging concert (place, lights, sound system etc.), organisation of transport for pupils, 
  • preparations to the concert – meetings with artists, choosing composers and their songs, preparing agenda, arrangements with pianist and announcer,
  • engaging concert participants – choosing pupils in 3 schools,
  • realisation of concert – two professional opera singers, pianist, announcer and 196 pupils took part in the concert.

Volunteers that were engaged in organisation of initiative learned the way of organising such events as workshops and concert for pupils. They were encouraged to organise the initiative themselves with some assistance. 

The innovation of this initiative is the focus on promoting classical music among young people. Children and teenagers see classical music (especially opera music) as boring, non-attractive and they are not interested in getting know about composers and music. FAO did effort to break the stereotype and encourage young people to getting to know and trying to like such type of music.

Information about initiative was disseminated by different channels using FAO`s contacts network (direct and indirect via mail, phone, fax). The articles were put on FAO website (www.fao.org.pl) and FAO on website of Community Culture Centre (www.gokbilgoraj.pl). 

The impact on direct and indirect target group of volunteering initiative was:

  • increasing the knowledge about Polish composers, among pupils,
  • increasing awareness on beauty of classical music,
  • showing that young man can spend his/her free time on listening the classical music, participating in concert and getting know about national heritage and it can be an attractive alternative for computer games or spending time with electronic gadgets,
  • inspiriting teachers and headmasters to organise similar initiatives in their schools. 

There were 196 participant, that took part in this initiative. Participants were involved in the initiative by organising workshops, preparing some educational materials, promoting the initiative in their local community. Moreover, members of one of local association (Assositiation „OAK“) were involved in organising initiative`s activities (meetings with headmasters of schools, preparing workshops) and dissemination. 

The initiative will be continued by organising other events, that are focused on popularisation of classical music, with special regard to Polish composer music. FAO plans to organise more concerts for pupils in Lublin and rural areas in upcoming years. 

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