Such topic was chosen because of a lack of knowledge in Poland about volunteering and importance of being a volunteer for young people. Pupils in Poland have sometimes a chance to learn or hear about volunteering, but they have lack of chances to be a volunteer. Moreover, young people do not know that experience gained during volunteering can be (and is) useful in their future life, when they will be looking for a job.

That is why FAO focused on a group of volunteers who first were trained during workshops and then trained pupils in one of Lublin`s school. 

The initiative was divided into two parts:

  • workshops for volunteers – young people (students) learned about training skills and methods of preparing and implementing voluntary activities (workshops) in schools – 16 students in total,
  • two workshops in school for 44 pupils. 

Actions that were implemented during preparations:

  • preparations of workshops – recruiting volunteers who expressed willingness to be trainers, to prepare and realise workshops for pupils, preparation materials for students, technically arranging workshops, 
  • realisation workshops  for volunteers – 16 students took part in it,
  • preparations of the workshops in school – recruiting schools, meetings with headmasters of schools, that were interested in taking part in this initiative, information and promotion, technically arranging workshops 
  • realization of workshops in school – there were two workshops:

- Volunteering as a chance to get to labour market,

- Skills that you need to have to be a good volunteer and good employee.

44 pupils took part in this activity.

Volunteers were engaged in preparing materials and realisation of two workshops for pupils. They were encouraged to organise the initiative by themselves with assistance.

The innovation of this initiative is a process of teaching and learning, because it is focused on method of work. Every student has :

  • a coach to support, 
  • possibility of taking part in workshops,
  • possibility of using their skills in practice during workshops for pupils in schools.

As the effect student is tought by a coach how to teach and after that he is a teacher for pupils in schools.

Information about initiative was disseminated by different channels using FAO`s contacts network (direct and indirect via mail, phone, fax). The articles were put on FAO website (www.fao.org.pl) and Voluntary Development Foundation website (www. frw.org.pl)

The impact on direct and indirect target group of volunteering initiative was:

  • increasing the awareness and knowledge about volunteerism,
  • inspiriting students, pupils for activities for their local environment,
  • increasing of knowledge and skills of students about teaching and training methods.

There were 60 participants, that took part in this initiative. Participants were involved in the initiative by organising workshops, preparing some educational materials, promoting the initiative in their local community. Moreover, members of local foundations (Foundation Sempre a Frente, Voluntary Development Foundation) were involved in implementing initiative`s activities and dissemination. 

The initiative will be continued by organising other events, that are focused on popularisation of volunteering. 

Invitation to the local initiative >>> 

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