Following meetings and discussions after the Volunteer Fair project partner "Pathways: I.D." decided to develop two activities:

First: Initiate activities that would encourage planting and management of community arbors.

Second: continue to support voluntarily managed cultural & heritage activities in Bishop’s Castle; in particular the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival in February 2016

FIRST ACTION: An Arboreal Future

During the autumn of 2015 Pathways held meetings with community groups in several local Welsh Border communities and produced an outline plan for the planting of trees in various locations.

There were two mains aspects of the plantings:

- creation of recreational and reflexive spaces within communities,

- development of community based fruit orchards.

It is a long-term initiative, all the work would be performed by volunteers, supported where necessary by professional expert advice and hiring of specialist equipment. The works have already started.

Pathways also initiated a series of social events designed as a means of:

thanking volunteers for their efforts,

encouraging new recruits,

publicising the work amongst local communities,

developing a holistic approach to the work

– creating arbors as a means of improving the environment (attending to physical needs),

– creating celebrations that express feelings and develop inter-personal relationships (attending to emotional and psychological needs).

  The Remembrance Tree

During October & November 2015 Pathways ID provided support to a local community group in the village of Sarn, Mid Wales who had decided to plant an oak tree in remembrance of all those who suffered and died during and as a result of the First World War. An oak tree was purchased and donated and the day before the dedication of the tree it was planted in the grounds of Sarn Village Hall.

The group had been warned that the position chosen for planting was not easy and therefore group arranged for a mechanical digger to assist the process. After initial preparations the ‘digger’ removed the soil and rock – but discovered that the water-table was very near the surface.

  This is the ‘Sarn’ – which in English means ‘paved causeway’ – and the reason for such a causeway was being revealed in the digging process. The village hall and pub opposite are based on a watershed of natural wet ground created by the surrounding hills.

Fortunately the group had prepared for the situation and were able to place the oak tree into a growing medium that would hopefully allow it to establish itself. And the following day, the 8th November, members of the Sarn community gathered for the dedication of the tree.

The planting and celebrations associated with this event marked the start of a process which will create a ‘Soul Spinney’ in the local churchyard. An ‘open access’ place where those visiting the graves of friends and relatives may sit and reflect.

  Developing the work

The volunteers responsible for the organisation and planting of the Remembrance Tree thus began the process of planning the practical aspects of the Soul Spinney and developing other community actions.

Pathways continued its tradition of organising celebratory evenings with food and drink in which existing volunteers were ‘thanked’ and new potential volunteers ‘encouraged’ and  creating events centered around the traditional theme of ‘wassailing’ in which apple trees greeted with music, song.

This event united the inhabitants of one area of Dyffryn Ceri in a processional visit to gardens with small apple orchards. The trees are greeted and at the end of the process the participants gather for a social evening. The event is performed with an ‘informal formality’.

SECOND ACTION: Supporting the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival, 17-21 February, 2016

The festival was organised and managed by volunteers and provided, wherever possible, free and low cost events and activities. There was some sponsorship and those attending events were encouraged to donate to the costs of the whole event. The Volunteer project was providing valuable financial support to the event. Without such support the volunteers would be unable to present the range of activities that they did – and pay for the major concerts held on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This event is one of a series of events held in Bishop’s Castle throughout the year – all managed entirely by volunteers.

The social and economic impact of these events in a rural area such as the Welsh Border, is very important. Without the efforts made by the volunteers in creating such activities the general social and economic situation of the area would be greatly diminished.

The attitudes and processes that have created a vibrant local community in Bishop’s Castle is one of the elements that will form part of Pathways’ contribution to the new teaching courses and research being initiated by Glyndwr University.


In UK it was organized a volunteering initiative related to the annual UK national Remembrance Day. Pathways ID provided support to a local community group in the village of Sarn, Mid Wales who had decided to plant an oak tree in remembrance of all those who suffered and died during and as a result of the First World War.

More information: https://inspirationalpathways.wordpress.com/pathways-eu-activities/volunteering/the-volunteering-project-related-uk-activities/developing-the-project-in-the-uk/

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